StreetWise Partners distinguishes itself from all other organizations by effectively executing a program that promotes comprehensive investment in human capital - knowledge, intellect, creativity, and productivity - as a means of addressing career instability, thereby putting an end to the cycle of poverty.

  • Our corporate partners INVEST in our mission by facilitating their employees' service as career mentors and by providing first-class instructional spaces.
  • Our volunteers INVEST in our trainees by providing strategic career coaching and access to high-impact professional networks.
  • Our trainees INVEST in their future careers by building key professional skills, cultivating a strong social network, and demonstrating a commitment to their personal and professional success.
  • YOUR financial investment will help individuals forge new paths toward economic self-sufficiency and achieve their highest career potential.

This collective effort serves as the foundation on which StreetWise Partners builds our trainees' career aspirations and fosters their professional growth and success - intangible gifts that are long-lasting and life changing!


  1. Support Our Career Ventures Program
  2. General Donation

Thank you in advance for your continued support! If your company participates in gift matching, double the impact of your gift by including your employer's name on the online donation form.

To make a gift by mail, please send all checks to:
StreetWise Partners
222 Broadway, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10028

For additional information on ways to give, contact:
Ishi Sahni, Development Director
(646) 705-0028